Monday, January 11, 2010

Is it sucking up or getting a real estate listing?

Is it sucking up or just doing whatever it takes to get the listing?

As I was browsing the business section of yesterday's Florida Today newspaper, I saw an article titled "Suck up to Your Boss Without Being Obvious. The title got my attention so I read the short article.

It pointed out some ways to not suck up such as the old "Is it me or are you getting younger by the day?" question. It did point out a couple of right ways as know like team player stuff!

Anyway, it got me to thinking about listing appointments and real estate agents. Amazing what will trigger my mind!

I remember a real estate broker (not mine) once told me that when you first go into a prospect's house you want to compliment something. I guess it can be location, decor or something.

I was then advised the next thing you do is ask questions about the family, career, future plans, etc. I think it was called "showing an interest" in the person.

I have always tried to find something genuine and positive to say when I meet someone new or in a client prospect situation!

I never got any listings because I "sucked up." But I did get listings because I did tell it like it a nice, compassionate, honest way!

As for me,. me if you are looking for professional, honest and compassionate real estate services. I, and my associates, provide that..without the sucking up!

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