Tuesday, July 8, 2014

The Home Buying Process...More than just opening a few doors.

I recently read an article that talked about how consumers "these days" only need a real estate agent to open the doors so they can look in the house.  It seems many seem to think the information is all on the Internet so they can go from there.

The reality is that information can be good or it can be bad.  The key is separating the wheat from the chaff.  In real estate that key is your Realtor®.

The home buying process is an education.  Ask anyone who has ever purchased or sold a home and they will attest to the educational process!  In real life very few can start school ready to graduate - even if they have all the books in their bookshelf!

So where does a buyer start?  Regardless of experience home buyers should start at the same place - get an experienced local real estate agent.  A major responsibility of your real estate agent is educational including the process, area, prices, trends, etc.

Your real estate agent will likely start with an assessment of experience and goals.   This will mean a lot of questions!

With these answers your agent will begin your education.  It may end with a new home purchase now or a plan to purchase at a later date.  Sometimes getting the mortgage lined up takes time.  Sometimes it is a matter of saving cash for closing expenses.  Sometimes the time is just not right to make the purchase.

Having an individualized plan based on real, verifiable information is critical to the home buying process.

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