Saturday, July 26, 2014

Home Buyer Tips: The whole truth and nothing but the truth...

The home buying process is filled with questioners... mortgage loan officer,  Realtor®, seller, insurance agent, etc.  And it is critical answers provided by completely honest.

This starts with the first step in the home buying process - the mortgage pre approval.

When applying for a mortgage loan it is imperative all the answers provided be on the level.  Why can't I just ballpark some answers?   Because every piece of information on that application is subject to verification and most of the critical stuff (like income, employment, debts and payments) will be verified and re-verified before final approval at the closing table!

When buying a home I suggest non-cash buyers (most) do two things -
  1. provide accurate answers and documentation,
  2. temporarily freeze their lives until closing (no loans, no job change, no new debts or major expenditures).
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