Thursday, June 26, 2014

Home Buyer Tips: Negotiation Strategies - Somewhere, Something, Sometimes

How do you know if the seller will negotiate?   You don't but if the list price is somewhere within the realm of reality, then there is probably a willingness to give a little somewhere.

I can't recall ever selling a house where a seller was not negotiable on something.

Sometimes the price is close enough to the buyer's opinion of value that buyers will look for other things to negotiate.  It may be the terms of the deal like closing dates, seller assistance with closing costs or perhaps a repair issue even on an "as is" offer.

Here are two important points about negotiation.

  1. It doesn't hurt to ask.   The first rule of rule estate offers is put it in writing.  This eliminates confusion as well as indicates sincerity.  A word of caution a multiple offer situation it is often the cleanest offer (fewer contingencies) sellers opt to accept.  
  2. It is not personal.   Sometimes the parties, including some real estate agents, let things get personal.  When things become personal, sometimes there is only one resolution - walk away.  Motivated sellers and buyers want a deal!

Negotiation is not a contest in which either side "must win!"  

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