Saturday, May 10, 2014

Home Seller Tips: Differentiation is key.

Just this past week I showed several homes in the same Viera, Florida neighborhood which is not so unusual here with homes for sale in Viera, Florida where many of the developments were built by the same builder(s).

Some developments in the planned unit development of Viera area have perhaps four or five floor plans with the only change being the front elevation.  So once inside many look alike!

So when it comes time to sell your home it is critical to differentiate your home from all the other contenders for the buyer's money.

If your home is better than the others say so.

As a Viera and Melbourne, Florida real estate agent one of the questions I ask when being interviewed is "What quality do you like most about your home?"

When I am hired to sell your Viera, Florida home I am going to use the answer to the above question as the beginning point when I prepare my marketing plan.

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