Monday, November 3, 2014

Where does the best advice available for home buyers come from?

If you are considering buying a home in the near future there will not be a shortage of advice.

Advice will likely come from all directions. 

The know-it-all at work will likely be among the first to offer advice as he knows it all.   And then get ready for the family experts.   Uncle Joe who knows everything will tell you the secrets of getting the best deal in town ("Go FSBO" may even be uttered).  And then lets not forget the Internet.  There is never a shortage of information on the Internet.

Buying a home requires specialized knowledge.  Buying a home requires specialized local knowledge.

Evaluating advice (solicited or not) can be a challenge.

If you are considering buying a Brevard County, Florida home here is some more unsolicited advice. But, in this case, I am a real estate agent with specialized local knowledge.  [By the way, this is the answer to the question posed in the title.]

A few points of unsolicited home buying advice from experience...
  • Deal with the finances first - period.  
  • Perception is reality.  You need someone to clarify your perception.
  • Don't spend as much as you "can" on your home.  Regardless of the direction often real estate market buying high is not good strategy.
  • Decide what your real requirements are and go from there. Then the pluses that separate these homes will lead you to the right decision for you. 
  • Don't acquiesce to the "must have" items you will regret not having later. 
  • Don't trust all you read.  The seller or their agent may be mistaken or, hopefully not, intentionally misleading.  This also applies to "public" records and MLS listing information. 
  • Don't rely solely on what you "hear" someone say.
  • Once a mortgage is pre-approved, freeze life as you know it. Don't make major purchases, open new accounts, change jobs.
  • The only thing that can not be changed later is location.  Choose wisely.
  • Homeowner associations exist to maintain uniformity and conformity.  
  • Work with one real estate agent only.  Remember buyers don't pay the real estate agent fees - sellers do!
  • Take your real estate agent with you to new construction models as well.
The above general comments are not all-inclusive but are provided only as a starting point to focus the reader.

If buying a home in Florida is in your plans, give me a call at 321-693-3850 if I can assist in any way.
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