Friday, November 21, 2014

Home Seller Tips: List your Viera, Florida home for 30 days - period.

Home owners thinking about selling their Viera, Florida house or condo are very often nervous about committing to a Viera real estate agent for a potentially long time.  I can understand their concern when it comes to a long listing agreement to sell their home.

What happens if there is no activity What do they do if they are unhappy with the real estate agent they chose?   After all, sitting and waiting is not a marketing strategy!

I do not believe in long term listing agreements.  If I do my job correctly, there is no long commitment required.

What is my job?  To promote your home in such a manner as to get multiple offers with the last one being the best!

Selling your home disrupts your lifestyle.  Selling your home involves a lot of uncertainty about the future.

Sellers usually want to sell their home now and not six months down the road.

That is why I tell Brevard County, Florida home sellers to judge me by my 30-10-1 rule.

What is my 30-10-1 rule?   List your home wit me and you will have at least 10 showings in 30 days with at least one reasonable offer.  In other words, give me thirty days and and they can walk if they are not happy with my results.

What do I ask of my Viera, Florida home sellers?

Commitment to the process.  This includes adequate preparation for the market.  This includes accommodation of reasonable showing requests.  This includes maintaining their home in a ready to show condition that will impress prospective buyers.  This includes establishing a reasonable listing price that is supported by comparable properties.

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