Friday, October 24, 2014

Home Seller Tips: What are your utility costs?

Does a buyer care to know what your utility expenses are?

Although most buyers don't ask for them I believe a seller can separate themselves from the competition if they provide their electric bill information.  Perhaps an entire twelve months is not necessary but the summer months (July, August, September especially) could help a buyer gauge how "bad" it will be when the air conditioner is operating the most.

Of course "bad" can be "good" if your home features energy efficient appliances including  newer high SEER AC system.  Although not as common, natural gas heating, cooking and hot water is a big seller for many because of its lower costs (plus you don't lose it if the power goes out).

Other energy savings like new or extra insulation, hybrid hot water heater, tank-less hot water heater or solar energy features.

On the other side is the challenge selling an older less energy efficient home presents.

Utility costs will not likely be the major decision maker when selling your home but if it is something that gives you a leg up on the competition - use it!

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