Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Why I won't show rentals in Palm Bay or Titusville, Florida.

I had to deal with the same issue a couple of weeks ago.  The issue is working with those looking to rent a home in Brevard County, Florida and the limits of where I will go in that search....

Brevard County is 75 miles or so north to south.  There are beach side locales as well as very rural areas.  And within that wide area are a lot of rentals  - 995 as of this morning.

This is only a guess but I would say the average rental on the market is probably about $900-$1000 a month.  If I place a tenant in a rental I will typically make about $100 after expenses are subtracted (and this does not include gas or any out of pocket incidentals).  Usually a person seeking a rental will want to look over the course of several days... the math does not ad up.

So I limit myself to working with folks seeking to rent a house or condo in the Viera, Suntree, Rockledge areas of central Brevard County.

I try to assist by providing listing information with the listing agent contact information. And I explain the reasons presented above.

If you are looking for a home to rent in Rockledge, Viera, or Suntree, please give me a call. or send me an email.