Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Real Estate Listings Expire Because….

As a real estate agent in Brevard County, Florida I rarely ever went after an expired real estate listing.  Why?

First of all, a real estate listing expires for one reason – the property did not sell! Not funny, ehh?  Most sellers will agree!

The real reason a listing has expired may be as a result of a single issue or, more often, a combination of several reasons.  Some of these may include...
  1. Listing Period Abbreviated.  I know some real estate agents who take listings for 45 days. The seller is not obligated long term however the real estate agent usually comes back for an extension. 
  2. Lack of a marketing plan.  It is all about exposure. If the price is right and the real estate agent uses the right tools, an offer should come in a reasonable time.  If the price is right yet the traffic is mission, think ineffective marketing! 
  3. Priced incorrectly.  It does come down to price. Price must be consistent with the competition and property condition.
If your Viera or Suntree Florida listing is about to expire, ask me why.  I will gladly  tell you what I think. I am not going to bad mouth your real estate agent (after all, he or she could be your child...no you wouldn't!).

I have had listings that just did not work out. I loved my clients and respected them a great deal but things just did not click.  Sometimes that is the case with others.

Call me at 321-693-3850 and lets talk. Or, just drop me an emailGary Waters, Florida licensed real estate agent, Bucci Realty, Rockledge Florida working exclusively with Century 21 Baytree Realty.

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